Here I’m going to be writing about open source software development, as well as code optimization, porting/portability, and lower level topics like processor instruction sets (assembly language).

Open source software is both important and very useful to the computing world at large. But aside from that, there’s something fundamentally appealing to it as a programmer. Have you ever been using a program and thought ‘gah, I wish this had <this feature>’? With open source software, you both add that feature and submit it to upstream so other users can enjoy it as well.

Assembly language is a curious topic. Writing code directly in assembly language can be clunky, and the result is very non portable. However, knowing assembly language (and more generally how the CPU works) will definitely make you a better programmer. Knowing how compilers translate your higher level language code into machine code can help you write more efficient programs.

Look forward to my first posts on these topics, coming soon.

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